Oregon State Weed DUI. What is the marijuana equivalent of a .08 BAC?

How do prosecutors prove that a driver was under the influence of marijuana? TO PROVE A DRIVER WAS DRUNK, PROSECUTORS CAN USE EVIDENCE OF A HIGH BAC If police suspect that a driver they just pulled over is impaired by alcohol, we all know, from watching movies and TV, what happens next. They ask the… Read More Read More

Can I get my sentence reduced now that Senate Bill 819 is in effect?

As of January 1, 2022, some people who are currently serving time in Oregon state prisons will be able to formally petition their original DA’s offices for sentence reductions. Every DA’s office will be handling these requests differently, but here in Lane County, they have just issued a POLICY Here is a summary:  WHO SHOULD APPLY: People who have been convicted of drug crimes, especially possession and/or marijuana-related crimes, property offenses, and other non-violent felonies who got unusually long sentences and who have already… Read More