five stars
“It’s been ten years, and my mom is still talking about that case you got tossed out of court. . .”

five stars
“I was charged with a DUI in a roll-over accident… Anna worked day and night to prove my innocence and saved me. . .”

five stars
“She will fight aggressively for the best results”

Have you or a loved one been charged with a crime?

Anna Sammons has practiced criminal law full time since 2004 and handles a variety of criminal matters in and around Eugene, OR. She believes we are all flawed, and that when she defends each client, she is defending not just that one individual, but all of humanity. This philosophy drives her to give her all. She fights every battle with complete commitment to achieving the absolute best possible outcome. To ensure that every client gets her full attention, Ms. Sammons accepts a limited number of cases.

  • We will investigate your case. Our office won’t leave a stone unturned investigating what happened — We work with experienced, professional investigators and forensic experts to fully understand the facts and look for holes in the prosecutor’s proof.
  • We will research the law. As a former appellate attorney, Anna Sammons knows the law is always changing — that’s why we research the law pertaining to every case from scratch. We’ll police the prosecutor to make sure they are following all the rules and we won’t let them rely on evidence that was obtained illegally.
  • We will look for mitigation. Even if the state’s case is strong, we know what facts to look for that can persuade prosecutors and judges to show leniency. We can also advise you or your loved one about steps you can take today to maximize the chances of a good result tomorrow.
  • We will make the entire process less painful. Anna Sammons explains what is happening every step of the way and helps you make informed choices about how to proceed.

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