Pretrial Services

Is your family member of friend in custody at Lane County Jail on a Circuit Court  matter? You can contact pretrial services to find out what, if anything, you can do to get them out of jail today. It may be as simple as a phone call. It may be a modest amount of bail, most of which you will get back if the defendant makes all appearances. Be aware that retained counsel can advocate for more favorable release conditions. They can advocate directly with pretrial services or file a motion with the court to alter the conditions, for example, to reduce bail.

Knowledge is Power

Look up Oregon’s Criminal Laws for your yourself.

Collateral Consequences

Look up the non-criminal consequences of various criminal convictions here.

Mitigation-Related Statistics

Links to websites, categorized by topic, through which you can access mitigation-related statistics, research, data, and other information.

Advocacy organizations that are fighting to improve our sex offender registration laws

Title IX Resources

Oregon CURE

Provides support and publications to help families and friends navigate the Oregon prison system, including support groups, prison intake orientations and release orientations.

Sponsors Inc.

Sponsors offers a broad range of services for people with criminal histories — housing (including sex offender housing), employment, counseling, and mentoring.

Trauma Healing Project 

Many individuals who come in contact with the criminal justice system have experienced trauma. No insurance? No problem. They offer hot drinks and free, drop-in support.

Rapid Access Center

The Rapid Access Center (RAC) can recommend a number of same day treatment services including substance abuse and mental health treatment.

Options Counseling

Provides family preservation, ongoing behavioral health services (including Dialectical Behavior Therapy or DBT) and family supports. Case-management, too.

Special Citizens Registry

Are you (or your family member or friend) getting arrested for minor crimes due to behavior that is related to a disability? The Special Citizens Registry is a voluntary program for individuals with mental health or developmental disabilities who may have difficulty communicating with law enforcement. With your voluntary registration, officers will be able to contact your family or care provider in an emergency. You register directly with your local police department.

Whitebird Clinic Crisis Services

Lane County’s free MH crisis intervention service. For their 24/7 CAHOOTS mobile crisis services, call the police non-emergency numbers 541-726-3714 (Springfield) and 541-682-5111 (Eugene).


Advocacy Organization that provides support, resources, and education for the trans/gender diverse community and its allies


Assistance for victims of domestic violence. Don’t let the name stop you. They have helped many of our male clients.

McKenzie River Men’s Center

Support Groups and other resources specifically for Men

Family Court Assistance Office

Helps self-represented litigants in divorce, custody, or parenting time proceedings. Staff can help explain court procedures, review documents, and refer to other services and resources.