ASRecommended Treatment Providers
(Support groups of all kinds, SA treatment programs, MH providers, and more) 

Rapid Access Center

The Rapid Access Center (RAC) can recommend a number of same day treatment services including substance abuse and mental health treatment.

Options Counseling

Provides family preservation, ongoing behavioral health services (including Dialectical Behavior Therapy or DBT) and family supports. Case-management, too.

Whitebird Clinic Crisis Services

Lane County’s free MH crisis intervention service. For their 24/7 CAHOOTS mobile crisis services, call the police non-emergency numbers 541-726-3714 (Springfield) and 541-682-5111 (Eugene).


Advocacy Organization that provides support, resources, and education for the trans/gender diverse community and its allies


Assistance for victims of domestic violence. Don’t let the name stop you. They have helped many of our male clients.

McKenzie River Men’s Center

Support Groups and other resources specifically for Men

Family Court Assistance Office

Helps self-represented litigants in divorce, custody, or parenting time proceedings. Staff can help explain court procedures, review documents, and refer to other services and resources.

Advocacy organizations that are fighting to improve our sex offender registration laws

Oregon CURE

Provides support and publications to help families and friends navigate the Oregon prison system, including support groups, prison intake orientations and release orientations.

Sponsors Inc.

Sponsors offers a broad range of services for people with criminal histories — housing (including sex offender housing), employment, counseling, and mentoring.

ASBasic Information About the U.S. Criminal Justice System

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Basic Overview

ASArticles and statistics related to sentencing and punishment
  1. Below are links to websites, categorized by topic, through which you can access mitigation-related statistics, research, data and other useful information and then plagiarize the list from this government website:

Childhood Health/Victimization

Reference resource on childhood health topics,searchable index to abstracts and full text articles

Information on Traumatic Brain Injury

Information on childhood health and mental health disorders, mental retardation and intellectual disabilities

Information on Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, Mental Retardation and behavioral impairments; access to Journal articles

Access to studies correlating childhood abuse and violent victimization with violent offending

Information on mental disorders in children and adolescents, risk factors, effect of past trauma and childhood sexual abuse, ADHD, treatment strategies

Hide Drug and Alcohol Addiction/Treatment

Latest clinically relevant research on alcohol, illicit drugs, and health

Alcohol abuse self-assessment too

Searchable database for topics such as fetal alcohol spectrum disorders,access to abstracts and some full text articles

Substance abuse treatment facility locator

Information and research on drugs of abuse, the science of addiction, research reports, and treatment approaches

Information on Fetal Alcohol Syndrome with links

Treatment advocacy with information on consequences of non-treatment on severe psychiatric illness

Provides information on treatment of fetal alcohol syndrome and secondary disabilities, alcoholism; links to articles and publications

Hide Drugs And Medications

Search engine for prescription drug information

Free access to drug reference resource

Hide Impact of Incarceration

Information identifying and connecting problems and abuses inside jails and prisons to health and safety of community; access to Confronting Confinement report to Congress (2006)

Hide Mental Health Disorders/Cognitive Impairments

Searchable database for publications, journals, psychology topics, treatment facilities

List and links to state and provincial psychological associations

Information on sexual offending, evaluation, treatment strategies for reducing re-offense risk; position papers critical of SORNA guidelines, civil commitment; index of journal articles and research

Complete numerical listing and diagnostic criterion of DSM-IV-TR mental health disorders

Information on Traumatic Brain Injury

Mental health information categorized by race, gender, disorders and treatment; locate treatment providers, organizations, national resources

Information on mental health disorders and intellectual disabilities

Starting Point for PTSD research

Information on mental illness and behavioral disorders in children, adolescents, and adults; statistics, research publications, available treatment facilities; link to online medical library

Information on Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, related behavioral impairments, and access to journal articles

Overview of mental illness, anxiety and mood disorders, schizophrenia, depression; assessment, barriers to diagnosis and treatment, risk factors, biological influences, past trauma, types of therapy; identifies racial, cultural, age, and gender disparities in access to services

Information and resources on bi-polar disorder, a/k/a manic depression, medications and side effects, treatment, and research studies

Useful Organization when working with the mentally disabled

Briefing papers, legal & medical resources on treatment of mental illness

Hide Racial and Ethnic Disparity

Statistics and reports on racial disparity

Sex Offenders

Information on sexual offending, evaluation, treatment strategies for reducing re-offense risk; position papers critical of SORNA guidelines, civil commitment; index of journal articles and research

Identifies myths and facts about sex offenders/information on effective management of sex offenders

Hide Statistics on Criminal Justice Issues

Data and studies on crime, recidivism, offenders, prosecutions

Federal data on law enforcement, arrests, prosecutions, crimes, type of sentence, incarceration data on offenders entering and leaving federal prison; special research reports and publications

Federal sentencing data by state, district, and circuit, Annual Reports and Statistical Sourcebooks

Information on crimes, victims, arrests, seizures,courts, prosecution, sentencing, recidivism rates, parole, jails, prisons

ASBasic Information about Oregon’s Criminal Justice System 

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Oregon’s State laws

ASInformation about Oregon’s Sentencing Laws and Common Collateral Consequences
(Collateral Consequences are the indirect consequences of criminal convictions, like driver’s license suspension and deportation) 
ASTitle IX Resources 
 Educate Yourself about the Student Disciplinary process 

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Title IX Resources