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The Law Office of Anna P. Sammons does not condone sexual violence. But we offer every client, no matter their past or what they are accused of, unflagging support. We know how much is at stake– sentences frequently include Measure 11 mandatory prison sentences or even life imprisonment. Virtually all sex offenses require the convicted offender to register as a sex offender.

Have you been accused of indecent exposure, sexual misconduct, sexual abuse, child sexual abuse, sexual assault, rape, date rape, sexual penetration, sodomy, or similar offense? Whatever the nature of the charges you are facing, Anna P. Sammons is committed to fighting for due process, fundamental fairness, and basic compassion.

Sex crime defense is an area where experience pays off. Defending such cases requires a thorough knowledge of federal and state constitutional law, an understanding of the relevant science, and a familiarity with the evidentiary issues that recur in almost every case. Negotiating against that backdrop is an art and a science that takes years to learn. Emotions run high. Prosecutors sometimes refuse to plea bargain, and clients are often reluctant to accept even the most favorable offers due to the huge stigma involved. Anna P. Sammons knows how to patiently maneuver such cases toward resolution.

You deserve an experienced attorney who will pursue your cause with complete commitment. Contact the Law Office of Anna P. Sammons today.


Sex offender registration laws are complex and grow more complicated every year. Failing to follow the laws around sex offender registration can lead to new criminal charges. If you are charged with a sex crime or with failure to register, or if you have questions about your obligations, contact us for a confidential consultation.

Are you concerned about a new charge that could land you on the registry? Have you been accused of indecent exposure, sexual misconduct, sexual abuse, child sexual abuse, sexual assault, rape, date rape, sexual penetration, sodomy, or similar offense? Are you the victim of a sex crime who has been charged with committing a similar offense or other assault? Depending on the facts of your case, we may be able to help you negotiate a disposition that will not require you to register at all. And if you want to take your case to trial, we will fight tirelessly on your behalf.

Do you need help understanding your existing registration obligations? Have you moved? Are you traveling? Do you have multiple residences? Are you telecommuting or attending a virtual school? Have you picked up a new charge? Or gotten an old charge reversed or expunged? Whatever your situation, we can explain your sex offender registration obligations in a way that makes sense and help you map out a plan of action.

Have you been charged with misdemeanor failure to register or felony failure to register? You may have a defense. People with very old convictions, people with certain types of out-of-state convictions, people struggling with homelessness, and people with mental and physical disabilities, among others, may have a defense to the crime of failure to register, or arguments they can make that can significantly reduce their sentence.

Did you know that it’s sometimes possible to reduce your registration obligations or even be removed from the registry altogether? Use our ELIGIBILITY CALCULATOR to answer a few simple questions and find out if you might be eligible to apply for registration relief


If you are accused of assault and/or a crime of domestic violence and there are physical injuries or serious physical injuries involved, we will defend you tirelessly, without any judgment.

We also know that many crimes of domestic violence do not involve injuries. People can be charged with domestic violence offenses for screaming and shouting, making threats, acting in a menacing way, sending regrettable text messages, making too many phone calls, and violating restraining orders. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for people to make false or exaggerated accusations of this sort in the aftermath of a failed relationship or to gain an advantage in family court. Such cases may seem “minor” to outsiders, but in our experience, they are some of the most stressful and upsetting for all parties involved.

Whatever type of crime you are accused of, you want an attorney that will listen carefully, investigate fully, and fight hard on your behalf.


Measure 11 is an Oregon law that requires judges to impose harsh mandatory minimums, even for first offenders, who have been convicted of certain felonies.  The list of Oregon “Measure 11” crimes includes most sex offenses as well as the following violent crimes.

  • Arson I (Arson 1 / Arson in the First Degree) – ORS 164.325
  • Assault I (Assault 1 / Assault in the First Degree) – ORS 163.185
  • Assault II (Assault 2 / Assault in the Second Degree) – ORS 163.175
  • Attempted Murder – ORS 163.115 and see ORS 161.405
  • Attempted Aggravated Murder – ORS 163.095 and see ORS 161.40
  • Kidnapping I (Kidnapping 1 / Kidnapping in the First Degree) – ORS 163.235
  • Kidnapping II (Kidnapping 2 / Kidnapping in the Second Degree) – ORS 163.225
  • Manslaughter I (Manslaughter 1 / Manslaughter in the First Degree) – ORS 163.118
  • Manslaughter II (Manslaughter 2 / Manslaughter in the Second Degree) – ORS 163.125
  • Murder – ORS 163.115
  • Robbery I (Robbery 1 / Robbery in the First Degree) – ORS 164.415
  • Robbery II (Robbery 2 / Robbery in the Second Degree) – ORS 164.405

Anna P. Sammons maintains a small Measure 11 case-load (typically just 2 to 3 cases at a time) to ensure that she is able to provide each client with the quality of representation that they deserve. If she is not able to take your case, she will make sure to follow through with referrals to the best possible attorney for your situation.


Are you a non-citizen facing criminal charges? The stakes are much higher for you, as there could be dire immigration consequences even if your case gets dismissed.

Attorney Anna Sammons has over a decade of experience navigating the intersection of  criminal and immigration law, hammering out immigration-safe pleas and handling post conviction relief claims in partnership with the Immigrant Defense Project. Many of her former clients have had their charges dismissed or reduced and ended up as naturalized citizens.

In all cases involving non-citizens, Ms. Sammons consults very early on with immigration counsel (typically Hecht and Normam, LLP) and works closely with them to minimize the adverse criminal and immigration consequences for the client.

Sammons’ practice areas include all types of felonies and misdemeanors, including DUI, assault, sex crimes, drug cases (especially PCS), Title IX defense, and sex offender registration matters. I represent many non-citizens who are concerned about the impact of their charges on their immigration status and have a great deal of experience representing individuals with various disabilities, including autism, and individuals living with mental illness. I focus my practice on cases within Lane County (Eugene and Springfield) but will consider cases outside these regions as well.

I have included a tremendous amount of information on this web site to assist those facing legal challenges and I provide confidential telephone consultations whenever I am able. If I cannot help you, I will do my best to find you an attorney who can.