I’m Not Sick, I Don’t Need Help.

I’ve recently posted about Dr. Amador classic book, I’m Not Sick I Don’t Need help, and will continue to do so. Dr, Amador  begin by explaining how a lack of insight is not due to denial, defensiveness, or stubbornness, but is rather a symptom of chronic mental illness.

Dr. Amador then shares his principles of LEAP and explains how this effective tool can be used to gain the trust of someone who lacks insight.

LEAP stands for Listen, Empathize, Agree, and Partner. The cornerstone of LEAP is reflective listening: “if you want someone to seriously consider your point of view, be certain he feels you have seriously considered his.” He points out that a common ground exists, even between the most extremely opposing positions and that it is tremendously important to find it. He illustrates the example of a patient who disagrees about the need to take medications but is able to agree to a goal of staying out of the hospital and how consistently taking medications can help to achieve that. Another principle, which relates to LEAP, is called the “three As.” With this, Dr. Amador encourages readers to

Apologize for a difference in opinion

Acknowledge the existence of different perspectives, and

Agree to disagree.

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