In Oregon, it’s illegal to “plea bargain” a DUI down to reckless driving, AKA “wet reckless,” a common practice in many other states.

In many areas of criminal law, it is possible to work out all sorts of creative plea bargains. In Oregon, however, DUI plea-bargaining is constrained by law. For example, for a first DUI conviction (not to be confused with diversion), the sentence is almost invariably 2 days of jail, 1 year of probation, approximately 90 days of substance abuse treatment, a variety of fees and fines, a requirement that you attend a Victim Impact Panel, and a one year driver’s license suspension from the court. Punishments increase predictably with each offense. You will also be required to get an Ignition Interlock Device unless you get a medical exemption.

As a result, a fair number of DUI cases end up going to trial. That is why it is CRITICAL to hire an experienced DUI lawyer!