The Law Office of Anna P. Sammons does not condone sexual violence. But we offer every client, no matter their past or what they are accused of, unflagging support. We know how much is at stake– sentences frequently include Measure 11 mandatory prison sentences or even life imprisonment. Virtually all sex offenses require the convicted offender to register as a sex offender.

Have you been accused of indecent exposure, sexual misconduct, sexual abuse, child sexual abuse, sexual assault, rape, date rape, sexual penetration, sodomy, or similar offense? Whatever the nature of the charges you are facing, Anna P. Sammons is committed to fighting for due process, fundamental fairness, and basic compassion.

Ms. Sammons has been defending people accused of sex offenses since 2004, when she was first starting out as a public defender in Brooklyn, NY, and saw that the charging instruments alleging sex offenses were marked with bright orange stickers, and that other lawyers recoiled and avoided picking up those files. She insisted on taking all such cases every arraignment shift and later, as an appellate defender, ended up specializing in sex crime appeals later, sex offender registration matters. As a private attorney, she devotes a large portion of her practice to sex crime defense and sex offender registration matters.

Sex crime defense is an area where experience pays off. Defending such cases requires a thorough knowledge of federal and state constitutional law, an understanding of the relevant science, and a familiarity with the evidentiary issues that recur in almost every case. Negotiating against that backdrop is an art and a science that takes years to learn. Emotions run high. Prosecutors sometimes refuse to plea bargain, and clients are often reluctant to accept even the most favorable offers due to the huge stigma involved. Anna P. Sammons knows how to patiently maneuver such cases toward resolution.

You deserve an experienced attorney who will pursue your cause with complete commitment. Contact the Law Office of Anna P. Sammons today.