Ensuring Fairness for Students Accused of Sexual Misconduct

It is imperative to protect students from sexual assault and harassment. The Department of Education and the Office of Civil Rights (OCR) instruct schools to give a great deal of deference to complainants in their efforts to achieve this goal. Unfortunately, this sometimes means that the accused do not receive fair and unbiased treatment.

Students are often tempted to handle these matters themselves, but there is too much at risk to try and defend against sexual misconduct allegations on your own. A finding of sexual misconduct can result in expulsion or suspension from school, loss of financial aid, disqualification from collegiate athletics, and difficulty gaining acceptance into new educational programs or obtaining professional licenses.

You need a Title IX defense lawyer who believes in standing up for the rights of respondents in Title IX actions, who has experience in this field and who stays on top of changes in this rapidly developing area of law.

When Should you Hire A Title IX Defense lawyer?

It is important to obtain legal representation as soon as possible

  • Universities routinely begin investigations without telling the accused they are being investigated. By the time you are informed that an investigation has been opened, crucial time may already have been lost.
  • Concurrent investigations by law enforcement are common
  • Any statements made by the student during an investigation may be used against them by the police
  • Timelines are tight and if the procedures are poorly understood, important opportunities for the defense can easily be lost

How We Can Help

There are many ways a Title IX defense lawyer can advise you during the Title IX disciplinary process to help you obtain the most favorable outcome possible.

We evaluate each case on an individual basis, but the following are some ways we may help Title IX respondents:

  • Explain the Title IX process and policies of your school, as well as your rights under the law
  • Identify the types of information and evidence that you can use to prove your side of the story and help gather such documentation and evidence
  • Assist you with interactions and communications with investigators and Title IX staff at your school
  • Help you present facts in a clear and comprehensive manner
  • Help you use appropriate language and a calm demeanor when discussing sensitive and personal sexual information
  • Draft documents including written statements, correspondence with Title IX staff and investigators, mitigation letters, and appeals if needed
  • Identify when your school acts in violation of its own policies or your Title IX rights and take proper legal action on your behalf

Representation you can count on

  • Anna Sammons has years of experience successfully defending students accused of campus sexual misconduct.
  • Our team will fight relentlessly for you or your child.
  • Contact us today for a confidential consultation to speak about the details of your case.