Experienced criminal defense lawyers in the Eugene, Oregon area charge between $150 and $500 dollars an hour. They will ask you to deposit a sum of money into a trust account (this is called the “retainer”) and they will bill you every month and pay themselves out of the retainer. When the case is over, they return whatever is left in the account. For simple cases, the retainer may be as little as $1000 and you may actually get most of that back. For complex cases such as securities fraud, the retainer will run you tens of thousands of dollars. Some lawyers offer “flat fees.” Instead of charging by the hour, they agree to represent you for a flat fee payable up front.

Eugene, Oregon criminal defense lawyer Anna P. Sammons charges $300 an hour. She greatly values your time and your money, and considers it her job to not only get you the best possible outcome, but also to minimize the stress, emotional pain, and financial cost of being charged with a criminal offense.