There is no such thing as a hopeless DUI case.

Anna Sammons has used a number of DUI defenses to persuade prosecutors to dismiss DUI charges:

  • Police Error
    • The prosecution cannot use evidence that was obtained illegally (i.e through police error or misconduct)
    • Anna Sammons has 15 years of experience successfully litigating evidentiary issues at both the trial and appellate level, getting illegally obtained evidence tossed out of court.
    • For example, in order to effectuate a LEGAL arrest, the police need to have a reasonable belief that you are engaged in criminal activity. This reasonable belief is a legal standard known as probable cause. If an officer doesn’t have the necessary probable cause,  evidence obtained as a result of the arrest is inadmissible.
    • The list of common police errors is endless.
  • Rising Blood Alcohol as a DUI Defense
    • Alcohol takes a certain amount of time (typically between 50 minutes and three hours) to absorb into your system.
    • If you recently finished drinking and a police officer pulls you over, arrests you and takes you to the police station for a DUI test, if your blood alcohol was still rising at the time you were arrested, the chemical test results will show a higher BAC than the one you had when you were actually driving.
  • Medical DUI Defense:
    • Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (more commonly referred to as “GERD”), acid reflux, and heartburn can create possible mouth alcohol situations. This is because these conditions produce a flow of acid that travels from the stomach into the mouth.
  • Simple Bad Driving–Not DUI
    • While the police like to think that all bad drivers must be DUI, we know this isn’t the case. Weaving, speeding, and even erratic driving are often a result of inattention or distraction.
  • The Prosecution Cannot Prove you Were Driving
    • For example,
    • If you were involved in an accident and no one saw you driving the car, or
    • the police found you when you were in your parked car.