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Meet Anna Pervukhin Sammons

  •  2004 graduate of one of the top law schools in the country, University of Chicago Law School, where she worked for the Mental Health Law Project all through school (read more about her background in mental health here).
  • Since her very first court appearance as a law student back in 2003, Anna P. Sammons has only represented criminal defendants. She’s never worked as a prosecutor. Her years of experience are all working for people exactly like you, handling trial-level misdemeanors and felonies, post-conviction relief motions, and appeals. She has authored numerous publications and teaches a criminal law course as an adjunct faculty member at Lane Community College.
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  • Professional Associations:
    • Federal Bar (U.S. District Court District of Oregon)
    • Oregon State Bar (since 2017)
    • New York State Bar (since 2005)
    • Oregon Criminal Defense Lawyers Association
    • National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers
    • Lane County Bar Association
    • Multnomah Bar Association

A whole team on your side: The prosecutor does not work alone. They collaborate with law enforcement, experts, victim advocates, and others. Sometimes, it can feel as though they are collaborating with the defense lawyers as well. You need more than a defense lawyer at your side, you need a whole team. Anna Sammons believes in working collaboratively with social workers, investigators, client advocates, forensic experts, and mitigation specialists. Contact us for a free consultation and learn more about this approach, which can be surprisingly cost-effective, especially if a defendant qualifies for court-appointed counsel.

Our Team

Investigator and Client Advocate

Amber, an army veteran with extensive experience in small arms artillery and armament repair, has taught at Willamette Leadership Academy, a military style charter school for at-risk youth and worked for three years as a mental health advocate, helping individuals with severe and persistent mental illness navigate Oregon’s mental health bureaucracy. Amber brings a unique set of skills—part investigator, part counselor and service coordinator, part executive assistant, she conducts investigations, helps clients obtain and maintain services, and connects individuals with all kinds of resources. Amber is also available as a privately retained consultant.

Investigation and Mitigation.

Founded in 2015, CDSS provides investigative, paralegal, and document management services to criminal defense attorneys in the Eugene area and around Oregon. CDSS’s Allyx Pershing, a licensed private investigator with a degree in journalism, is training as a mitigation specialist and frequently collaborates with us on pre-pleading reports and pre-sentencing memoranda.

Business Manager and Paralegal

Ben is responsible for supervising and managing the firm’s finances and day to day operations. He prides himself on providing excellent client service and is available to answer questions about billing and other financial matters. Email: