Client was convicted of sex trafficking and other offenses; sentenced to life in prison. Successfully obtained post-conviction vacatur of all convictions which paved the way for a fair plea bargain and clients’ 2020 release.

Client was falsely accused of strangulation and other related offenses. All charges dismissed prior to trial.

Client was falsely accused of a felony drug crime that was actually committed by someone else. Not only did Anna Sammons convince the DA that they had prosecuted the wrong person and needed to dismiss the case ASAP, she tracked down the real perpetrator and persuaded the D.A. to prosecute them instead so that her client could get restitution.

Client was charged with DUI and related offenses; he made a full confession and his girlfriend made a statement to the police saying he was guilty. After consulting with numerous experts, including an expert on false confessions, and filing several evidentiary motions, Anna Sammons persuaded the DA to dismiss all charges shortly before trial. The prosecutor noted: “I have continued to carefully scrutinize all the information that has come to light since this case was indicted, to include the information you have disclosed through discovery and the information I have received from the experts you have consulted. As a result I have come to the conclusion that the evidence which I believe the court would ultimately rule admissible at trial is not sufficient to prove [“the client’s] guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.” Case DISMISSED

Client was accused of felony Assault IV. Anna Sammons uncovered a video, which had not been included or even mentioned in discovery, that suggesting client’s child may have been coached to testify against them. Case DISMISSED.

Client plead guilty to kidnapping, entered mental health court, and graduated successfully. Their prior attorney had misinformed them about the consequences of the plea deal, however, and suddenly, the client was facing deportation proceedings. Conviction VACATED on constitutional grounds, client now a US CITIZEN.

Client was was on the internet due to his sex offender risk classification. Anna Sammons challenged his classification at the trial court level, took it to the state’s highest court, and won. Read the decision here.

Client was accused of sodomizing an eight year old child. The same child had falsely accused another man of sexual abuse, however, and that man was prepared to testify. The trial court did not permit it, the client was convicted, and Anna Sammons handled the appeal. CONVICTION REVERSED, NEW TRIAL ORDERED. Read the article in the NY daily record.

Client was forced to register as a sex offender based on an out-of-state deferred prosecution. After fighting the case all the way to the state’s highest court, to no avail, we did not give up. We found an out-of-state statute that enabled him to be removed from the registry there, and thereupon in all other jurisdictions. NO MORE REGISTRATION OBLIGATIONS

Client was deprived of his statutory right to testify before the Grand Jury. He went to trial and was convicted of a number of sex offenses. Conviction REVERSED, indictment DISMISSED. New charges were never brought.

Client was convicted of sex abuse. Anna Sammons convinced an appellate court that prosecutors had failed to prove every element of their case. SEX ABUSE CHARGE DISMISSED.