Fraud Conspiracy Update

Like so many attorneys, I have been following the college admissions cheating scandal with pop-corn munching interest. The prosecutor’s strategy of going easy on the ring-leaders while aggressively prosecuting bit players is striking.  Presumably, they are looking to garner maximum publicity and maximize deterrence. It is hardly surprising the well-heeled targets of this cynical plan… Read More

PA high court will again review sex offender registration

From the Collateral Consequences Resource Center: “Two years ago, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court shook up long-settled orthodoxy by ruling that the state’s sex offender registration law, otherwise known as SORNA (Sexual Offender Registration and Notification Act) was punishment….The effect of that decision meant that although Pennsylvania was forced to reduce the length of registration for… Read More

Padilla update

Just a few days ago, in Chavez v. State, 364 Or 654 (2019), the Oregon Court of Appeals issued an important ruling for individuals with pre-2010 criminal convictions that resulted in adverse immigration consequences their lawyers never warned them about. Such clients typically file post-conviction relief (PCR) petitions relying on Padilla v. Kentucky, the 2010… Read More

Oregon, the Sixth Amendment, and “Collateral Consequences”

Last month, the Oregon Supreme Court issues opinions in two companion cases, Gutale v. Oregon and Perez-Rodriguez v. Oregon, that address the “escape” clause to Oregon’s two-year statute of limitations on filing a post-conviction relief motion.  These two cases create a very narrow opening for certain noncitizen defendants to seek PCR after the statute of… Read More